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Coming Soon, Game Chips! Earn them with player points and use them to Buy-in to our weekly tournaments!                                                                 Top 20, Singles Tournament, March 9, 7pm .  $100.00 and the title up for grabs!                     


Over 15K in Prizes already paid out!

These guys are earning points!

1st Place earns 5 points

2nd Place earns 3 points

Playing earns 1 point!

 On Thursday Feb 20, 2014 we    had a $1,140.00 prize pool!

The Largest Pots in the area! for the price of a buffet!

       CMASS Players came to collect the big one!

RI Pong comes to collect first prize and brings the action!

We track your points and earnings so you don't have too!  We will display the player rankings and have quarterly drawings for the top ten players.  So come get your game on!


    We Lead, others follow!  

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